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5 rating
  • 04/15/21
  • Christopher D. Google

Sara is fantastic!!

5 rating

So, I'm not very good at figuring out what style to cut my hair in that would enhance my look. On top of that, I work at the Renaissance Faire and like getting intricate braids, when I can. Cutting my hair into a bob, as so many keep telling me would look great with my Asian features.... um... no. I just don't like short hair on myself. This was my first time having Miranda cut my hair. But, I felt good trusting my hair in her hands. Something I do not do lightly. I mean, at that very well known, 1 word S hair cutting place when I had hair less than a hands width from my bottom I asked for a trim. I was asked to stand the entire cut or she "could not guarantee my hair would be straight." I walked out with my hair just barely before my shoulder line. If it was unhealthy and needed it, ok; but, tell me before you do it!!! Anyway, back to Miranda... After looking at my hair, she told me that she was thinking of slightly rounding my hair line in back and giving me some gentle layers to help give it body. I really appreciated this because, as a gastric bypass patient who had lost a LOT of hair both in amount and body, my hair just looked blah to me. I typically would just put it in a Pony tail. Then, there was the damaged ends of my hair... Who wants to walk around with a rats nest at the end of your hair? But, that was the result after a friend had used vo+lume 50 to bleach my hair. I was left with a Lot of straw. Although I hadn't mentioned it, partly because I forgot I had them since the last time my hair was cut was the last quarter of 2019; but, Miranda picked up on the fact that I had bangs and she wanted to cut them again to help them frame my face better. I told her that I had always gone without because my hair had this strange thing where, no matter what product I used, if I had bangs, I had a split down the center of my foreheads could put mouse or gel on them, use my curling iron to get that "Betty" look and I would spray hair spray on it as it was curled around the hot cutting iron. I kid you not, that beautiful curl would split like someone doing a Chinese/Side split. When I saw the results, I know I needed to say something. Hehe thanks Miranda! I'm loving it. I can feel the bounce in my hair, where it used to be limp and unmoving before. I love how my bangs frame my face. It detracts from the skin dash I've developed since surgery. This was definitely worth the trip. The ladies take care of their shop. Two were mopping as I entered. Another hit a run down of thing Miranda had done, as I was getting situated. Masks were written. Overall a great experience. If you don't have an idea of what you want or even if you do; set up an appointment with Miranda. You will not go wrong!

5 rating
  • 03/08/21
  • Christian T. Google

Amazing people

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Christopher D. | April 15, 2021 Google

" Sara is fantastic!!"

Brandi F. | March 22, 2021 Google

" So, I'm not very good at figuring out what style to cut my hair in that would enhance my look. On t"

Christian T. | March 8, 2021 Google

" Amazing people"

Brooklyn R. | February 8, 2021 Google

" Walk ins welcome and friendly"

Prince S. | February 3, 2021 Google

" Parker cuts my hair regularly now after I've searched high and wide for a barber that can provide t"

David R. | December 2, 2020 Google

" Katsama (pasadena) (location )took really good care of me for my 1st time there...Im gonna refer al"

Chris W. | July 12, 2020 Google

" Had a good visit recently. The upgrade to MVP was a nice promotion. Store is super clean and staff "

Onewh33l R. | July 10, 2020 Google

" Well experienced Asked me questions as she was cutting. Took care in her work. Gentle good conversa"

David B. | June 18, 2020 Google

" My 12-year-old had an amazing experience with Carla! She was super friendly and really gave him a g"

Jorge C. | June 6, 2020 Google

" Val did a great job, and made sure to follow COVID 19 guidelines."